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Tomei ARMS MX/BX Series Turbocharger Kit- Subaru EJ

Tomei ARMS MX/BX Series Turbocharger Kit- Subaru EJ

PriceFrom C$2,133.00

The Tomei ARMS MX-Series Turbocharger improves upons Tomei's original M-Series turbocharger design with the inroduction of a new lightweight billet wheel, multi rate billet actuator, and the very same ARMS technology Tomei is known for!

CNC Billet Compressor Wheel
The newly designed Billet Compressor Wheel offers significant improvement over traditional cast compressor wheels. Machined from aerospace grade materials, these highly durable lightweight compressor wheels feature thinner blades with a larger surface care for significantly improved airflow and turbo spool.

Multi Rate Billet Actuator
A large capacity multi rate billet actuator is utilized, with a reinforced forged billet construction. Includes a total of 6 springs for fine boost adjustments. Up to 3 springs can be combined to find the perfect setup. Swivel type nipple allows for greater freedom when routing hoses.


Expected ETA is 1-2 months

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