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RAYS Volk TE37V 15x8.0 +0 4x100 MF

RAYS Volk TE37V 15x8.0 +0 4x100 MF

SKU: 05385800002MF

The TE37V, offering the deepest rim for Volk Racing, targets older cars with good taste, such as vintage domestic cars that continue to thrive, as with the AE86 and Roadsters. In addition, we anticipate the rise of the neoclassic car movement originating in North America and have focused our efforts on applying the latest specifications, not only in terms of specs but also appearance, such as combining the FDMC rim with a step rim. By offering four face variations that differ in rim width and offset value, we have been able to achieve a model that draws a clear distinction from vintage wheels. No need to settle with nostalgic designs. You can now acquire a classical appearance equipped with the latest design ideas.

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