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RAYS Volk TE37SAGA S-Plus 18x11.0 +24 5x100 Dark Gunmetal MM (Special Size)

RAYS Volk TE37SAGA S-Plus 18x11.0 +24 5x100 Dark Gunmetal MM (Special Size)


Since its birth in 1996, the VOLK RACING TE37 has undergone numerous updates to keep up with the times.

It is the destiny of the TE37 to "evolve," and the level of "sports driving with a production vehicle" and "hard customization and tuning" demanded of it continues to rise with the flow of the times. In light of this, we have made a full model change to the VOLK RACING TE37 and introduced the TE37 SAGA, a completely new design, in 2016.

The TE37 has already cleared the JWL and VIA standards set by the Japanese government, and has the performance to clear RAYS' own JWL+R Spec 2 standard, which requires about twice as much testing. In response to the evolution of cars, the VOLK RACING TE37SAGA has been reborn as the "VOLK RACING TE37SAGA S-plus (Sport plus)," a minor-changed model with each part reviewed and optimized down to the smallest detail to increase safety margins.

A new 19-inch wheel was added to accommodate today's cars, which are becoming more powerful and heavier with larger diameters.

This is to realize higher safety, security, rigidity, and strength, and is a step forward for the future of cars that will accelerate even further.

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