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Amuse R1TITAN Titanium Exhaust - Souen Edition

Amuse R1TITAN Titanium Exhaust - Souen Edition


The Amuse R1TITAN Souen (meaning “Blue Flame”) single pipe exhaust system provides the largest diameter 80mm tubing with 115mm tip.  Produced with the same high grade titanium and processes as the renowned R1000 system, but with a serious cost savings. 


These savings are achieved by:

  • Standard Body and tip color (non-customizable)
    • Body: A- Burn (Half burn)
    • Tip: B-Burn (Full blue burn)
    • Noted: Gold ring option not available
  • Where applicable, intermediate joint is changed from flange type to slip joint type (which also allows more adjustment)
  • Tubing section after muffler is in normal raw finish vs traditional “full high polish” which comes standard on the R1000 systems

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