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Expreme Ti Full Titanium Muffler Kit - ZN6/ZC6

Expreme Ti Full Titanium Muffler Kit - ZN6/ZC6


Tomei's Expreme Ti Titanium Cat-Back Exhaust System features full titanium construction.  This exhaust system is very lightweight, and it combines a larger piping diameter with smooth bends which also feature JDM-inspired pie cuts. The result is more horsepower and torque, a good amount in weight savings, all while producing a race-inspired exhaust note. A great investment for your daily driver, weekend show car, or purpose-built race car as it is an exclusive part that will add style, value, and performance. 


Tomei has 3 options for your FRS/BRZ/86 Exhaust:

  1. Type 80 - Features Tomei's signature Muffler and exhaust tip. With 115mm (~4.5in) tip and 80mm (3.15in) piping, it maximizes exhaust flow Best paired up with a turbo/supercharged setup.  
  2. Type 60R - Race Spec Straight Pipe.  60.5mm (~2.4in) piping and 105mm (~4.1in) tip is best suited on a naturally aspirated setup.
  3. Type 60S - Street Spec Exhaust. A great exhaust for those concerned with noise or drone.  60.5mm (~2.4in) piping and 105mm (~4.1in) tip with a smaller Tomei titanium muffler to bring the noise down.  Ideal for naturally aspirated engines.
Expected ETA is 1-2 months

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