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Enkei RPT1 17x9.0 +0 6x139.7 GM

Enkei RPT1 17x9.0 +0 6x139.7 GM

SKU: 528-790-8400GM

The Enkei RPF1 was first introduced to the world in 2002 and it was an instant hit thanks to its high strength, low weight, and no-nonsense design.  Truck and SUV owners have often asked for Enkei to develop an RPF1 for them and we listened.  The all-new Enkei RPT1 features the same clean split-spoke design as the RPF1 but is built to higher loading capacities to suit 6-lug trucks and SUVs.  Available in 16” 17″ and 18” applications and a variety of colors, the RPT1 is one of the lightest weight and toughest truck wheels on the market today.

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