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Bride Digo III Black

Bride Digo III Black

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With the total height of the back rest reduced by 3cm, it can be installed into most cars. A slim reclining seat utilizing luxurious suede seat material.


With the DIGO III LIGHT, we have been able to reduce the seat width to a compact 485mm by slimming down the shoulder support and seat surface. Its design also prioritizes ease of boarding and exiting and features a lowered knee support. The polyurethane seat surface material has also been changed to provide a softer ride. The back surface on the back rest has also been fitted with a pocket to increase its utility.
It uses luxurious suede fabric for its seat material. It is a superior seat material with a nice texture while also being slip resistant to achieve moderate holdability.



A compact size perfect for car models with tight interiors such as small cars.


Because the shoulder support part of DIGOIII LIGHT is significantly slimmed, it features an extremely compact size for a sports seat with a seat width of 485mm. It is therefore a perfect seat design for car models with small interiors where a sports seat cannot be installed such as compact cars.

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