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Amuse R1TITAN STTi Exhaust for 2013-2021 FRS/GT86/BRZ

Amuse R1TITAN STTi Exhaust for 2013-2021 FRS/GT86/BRZ

PriceFrom C$4,656.00

Although the displacement and power have increased and the sound volume has become stricter, the silencer capacity has been greatly increased, and this time, the "straight structure" of 70Φ → 50Φ x 2, which is a feature of the R1TITAN muffler, has been realized. . The biggest feature is the improvement in acceleration performance that cannot be measured by maximum horsepower alone. The latest in the R1TITAN series with the ultimate in visuals and performance.



  • Exhaust Type: Amuse Extra STTI Gold ring 
  • Main Pipe Diameter (mm): 70mm Diam
  • Muffler Type: Cannonball parallel layout
  • Inner pipe diameter: 60mm × 2
  • Muffler Tip Diameter: 115mm × 2
  • OEM weight / Amuse Exhaust system weight: (18.3kg) / 8.9kg


Kit includes all required hardware and gaskets for installation.


***Quad tip model fits TRD rear bumper***

Expected ETA is 5-7 months

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