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Amuse R1 Titan STTI Exhaust - A90 Supra

Amuse R1 Titan STTI Exhaust - A90 Supra


R1TITAN EXTRA Gold Ring STTI for A90 


Front pipe: 80φ


Sub silencer: 100Φ×2  (Inner pipe 60Φ×2)

Flange connection

Center pipe: 70φ

Flange connection

Main silencer: 130Φ×2  (Inner pipe 60Φ×2)


One side genuine Valve 
one side straight

It is a specification of
115Φ tail x 2


Some people may feel that the pipe diameter of 60Φ×2 is thin, but the cross-sectional area is equivalent to 85Φ.
70Φ×2 after the main silencer is almost equivalent to 100Φ, so it has a megaphone structure of 80Φ → 85Φ → 100Φ, which promotes highly efficient exhaust.


Kit includes all required hardware and gaskets for installation.

Expected ETA is 5-7 months

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